Automotive Assembly


Assembly Processes in Automotive Production

View into the Ramp-up Factory PEM/WZL View into the Ramp-up Factory

The main topic of the group is the examination of changes in automotive assembly process caused by the electrification of the power train. This includes the whole product life cycle of new assembly processes, but the focus is on the design of mounting structure and process. Besides specific challenges in electrification, the diversity of options in assembly is increasing. This necessitates innovative assembly concepts, especially for the realization of new vehicle structures. The group Automotive Assembly wishes to contribute to the creation of new approaches which lead to practical solutions in this dynamic environment. The aim is to increase the efficiency in automotive production within an environment of rising variance and meaning of ecological factor.



Ruben Förstmann

Team Leader


+49 241 80 26263




  • Connection of body shell components to space-frame structures
  • Innovative assembly concepts
  • End-of-line testing of electric vehicles
  • Green mobility

Research Projects


Test Stands and Technologies

  • Fully equipped assmbly line in the Ramp-up Factory of the CEP
  • End-of-line dynamometer
  • Chassis dynamometer