Plastic Components


Johannes Triebs


Johannes Triebs

Chief Engineer


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Plastic Components for Electric Vehicles

The group Plastic Components deals with cutting, forming and building manufacturing methods as well as with coating technology. The focus of research is the plastic components for small series such as the production of electric vehicles. As a part of our research and consulting activities such as the tool and mould construction or the construction of prototypes, we have access to machinery consisting of portal milling machine, thermoforming system, PUR-RIM system, and a 3D-printer.



  • Examination and optimization of machinery and processes
  • Development and examination of alternative production chains with focus on small series
  • Prototypes and engineering (including manufacturing of tooling, componenet and complete solution)
  • Plastic based additive manufacturing, materials charakterization and testing (focus on Rapid Tooling and Prototyping)

Research Projects


Test Stands and Technologies

  1. 1
    5-axis portal milling machine, thermoforming, PUR-RIM machine including vacuum casting
  2. 2
    Additive manufacturing (FDM, PolyJet)
  3. 3
    Measurement and testing technology (i. e. optical geometrical measurement, surface measurement, tensile test)