Research Groups of PEM


Department Battery Production

Image of a Lithium Battery Copyright: PEM Lithium Battery

The battery production division is subdivided into the three groups Battery Production, Battery Engineering and Battery Components, which deal with industrial and research projects relating to lithium-ion batteries ranging from cells to packs.


Electric Powertrain

Image of an Electric Motor Copyright: PEM Image of an Electric Motor

The group Electric Powertrain of PEM is focused on the realization of an economic production of the electric drive train – from engine to integrated wiring system.

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Automotive Assembly

Layout ramp-up factory Copyright: PEM/WZL Ramp-up Factory

The main topic of the group Automotive Assembly is the examination of changes in automotive assembly processes caused by the electrification of the power train.

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Body Shop

Body Shop of Ramp-up factory Copyright: PEM Body Shop of Ramp-up factory

The group Body Shop of the PEM deals with innovative manufacturing and joining processes for automobile bodies, in particular in the field of electric vehicle production.

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Plastic Components

3D-Printer Copyright: PEM 3D-Printer

The group Plastic Components works on methods of cutting, forming and constructive manufacturing processes and coating technology, especially for small series.

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Autonomous Systems

Autonomous Systems Copyright: PEM Autonomous Systems

At Chair PEM specified (highly) automated vehicle and operating concepts are developed, assesed and prototypically implemented. The focus at PEM is on the overall sytem conception and assessment, just as the environment recognisation as well as behaviour and motion planning.

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