Electromobility Laboratory (eLab) of RWTH Aachen University

  Battery abuse center of the eLab Copyright: © PEM RWTH Aachen University

The Electromobility Laboratory (eLab) of RWTH Aachen University on RWTH Aachen Campus offers an open infrastructure for researching various applications and stages of e-mobility. From technology development to testing to the finished prototype, startups as well as small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from the eLab's infrastructure in addition to our researchers. For this purpose, the facility's numerous resources can be rented and used flexibly. The offer of PEM and other RWTH institutes include a battery pack laboratory, a battery abuse center, a cell assembly facility, a foil coating plant, a joining technology laboratory, test centers for both electric motors and power electronics, office and hall space, and meeting rooms. The eLab facilities make it possible to analyze the manufacturing processes of the battery and the electric powertrain of electric vehicles in a real production environment. In addition to the automation of production and research in the area of plant engineering as well as prototype construction, the focus lies on the economic efficiency of the processes.



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Battery business...

The eLab offers numerous facilities for research and development in the battery environment: In the battery pack laboratory, prototypes of battery systems can be built and further developed, while the battery abuse center enables the investigation of reactions of electric vehicle batteries to specific scenarios in a secure setting. Meanwhile, the foil coating plant can be used to coat current-conducting foils for lithium-ion battery cells. Measurements of process parameters using numerous sensors and imaging test methods are included, for example, to enable experimental process validation of electrode manufacturing of new battery cell technologies. The cell assembly plant as a further facility enables the production of lithium-ion battery pouch cells with all their process steps. The exact recording of the manufacturing process guarantees comprehensive validation of the production of new battery technologies.

... and e-motor environment

The eLab's own electric motor testing center focuses on comprehensive analyses of electric drives. The test bench includes all components necessary for measuring, for example, efficiency and structure-borne noise as well as load and demagnetization or thermal validation. In addition, the eLab test center for power electronics allows extensive tests and measurements, for example on drive converters.