E-Truck Research Hall Rotter Bruch

  The front of PEM's research hall for electric trucks Copyright: © PEM RWTH Aachen University

In a 575 square meter hall at Rotter Bruch in Aachen-East, the chair "Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components" (PEM) chair of RWTH Aachen University combines three major projects funded by the federal government for research into electric trucks under one roof. The close proximity of the prototype work in the SeLv, LiVe and LiVePlus projects enables decisive synergy effects. The research site at Rotter Bruch offers ideal conditions for the construction of currently ten electric truck models of different weight classes with the combination of different powertrain technologies – based on battery, pantograph and fuel cell.


Moritz Frieges © Copyright: H.M.Frieges


Moritz Frieges

Team Leader


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Realistic concepts for electric commercial vehicles

The goal: economically viable and individually designable powertrains for electrified commercial vehicles by combining different technologies according to the modular principle. The method: from the research hall to the "real world". To allow the electric truck prototypes to leave the PEM facility for test drives, the "SeLv" and "LiVePLuS" projects each have an individual operating permit. The location at Rotter Bruch enables research into feasible and realistic concepts for large electric vehicles and the development of production planning for small series.