Fuel Cell


Production Technology and Organization

The group Fuel Cell: Production Technology and Organization deals with the production technology of PEM fuel cells on the background of mobile applications. In particular, the focus is on the scalability of processes in order to enable a cost reduction for fuel cell technology. The technical issues range from the overall system, in which the balance-of-plant components in particular are in great need of optimization, to the repeat parts in the stack such as membrane, catalyst, gas diffusion layers and bipolar plates. By building prototypes and integrating them into vehicles, the medium-term economic use under real conditions will be demonstrated.


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Sebastian Hagedorn

Team Leader


+49 170 708 2111




  • Scalable production processes for fuel cell components and systems
  • Investigation of cost potentials through economies of scale
  • Reduce resource usage for end-of-line testing
  • Production concept development
  • Technology analysis for holistic hydrogen mobility
  • Validation using application-oriented demonstrators

Research Projects