Electric Powertrain

Production of the electric powertrain

The main topic of the group Electric Powertrain is the realization of an economic interpretation, production and integration of the electric powertrain and its components. For this reason, the group examines, besides the design of the product "powertrain" - from engine to integrated wiring system- also the design of the production. Main topics in particular are the aspect of scalability of product and production, which are researched using the available machinery and components under consideration of realistic conditions. Our aim is to reduce the duration and costs for production, even for small series.


Max Kleine BŁning


Max Kleine BŁning

Chief Engineer


+49 241 80 25367




  • Integrated product and process design for the electric powertrain
  • Process development and validation by using prototype production and seriel conception
  • Seriel production planing for the electric powertrain
  • Innovative production technologies for economical and technological product optimization
  • Open-Source Development Engine

Research Projects

  • Forschungslabor Anlauffabrik
  • ZIM-Netzwerk „Innovative Nutisolation“

Test Stands and Technologies

  • Needle winding machine for a direct winding of stators with distributed windings
  • Rotor assmbly and magnitaziation, balancing
  • Electric motor final assembly