Body Shop


Small series body construction

The Group Body Shop of the PEM deals with the innovative manufacturing and joining processes for automotive bodies. The whole process from cutting, bending and joining of the metal sheet up to the vehicles inspection allows both, a view of all added value steps as a whole and also in detail. In the sector of electric vehicles, there are high expected demands on the body, especially in lightweight construction and crash safety, with high variance and small quantities.


Georg Bergweiler


Georg Bergweiler

Chief Engineer




  • Joining Technology
  • Body construction with a low number of tools
  • Multi-material lightweight construction

Research Projects


Test Stands and Technologies

  1. 1
    Remote laser welding facility
  2. 2
    Body construction line with manual framing station
  3. 3
    Joining technologies: MIG/MAG, WIG, self-piercing riveting
  4. 4
    Flex-cell roboter-based bonding system