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Battery Development at PEM

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The Battery Engineering & Safety group deals with issues relating to the development of lithium-ion battery systems and their safety. The focus is on the mechanical, electrical and thermal design of battery modules and packs consisting of prismatic, cylindrical or pouch cells. In addition, corresponding prototypes are being built, with all the necessary production resources available in the electromobility laboratory (eLab) at RWTH Aachen University, from mechanical processing of parts to 3D printing techniques and electrical contacting technology (e.g. laser welding). Finally, the Battery Abuse Center provides the infrastructure for mechanical, electrical and thermal testing and certification of battery systems.



Konstantin Sasse

Team Leader


+49 1515 7384868




  • Design of battery systems: Battery cell selection and mechanical, electrical and thermal design
  • Prototyping: Rapid assembly of the designed battery systems
  • Testing: Performance of functional tests on the battery system

Research Projects


Test Stands and Technologies

  • Battery compartments for mounting battery systems
  • Laser welding cell for electrical contacting of battery cells
  • Battery test chambers with integrated safety concept