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Battery Components & Recycling at PEM

The Battery Components & Recycling Group addresses the developments of the various components of the lithium-ion battery. All battery components are evaluated along their entire life cycle, from the starting material to recycling, and improved in terms of cost and performance. One focus of current industry and research projects is primarily the benchmarking of available battery components, materials and their suppliers. At the same time, the group is working on the optimized design of battery components and their manufacturing steps. Future materials and technologies from the post-lithium-ion area are subject of these considerations as well. The group's second focus deals with the processes that follow the first life cycle of a battery. These include second use, for example as stationary storage, and automated disassembly together with remanufacturing and recycling. For the practical validation of the research results, an associated battery cell production line and also equipment for module and pack production as well as facilities for manual disassembly in the Battery Abuse Center are available.



Janis Vienenkötter

Team Leader


+49 175 7638174


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  • Supplier overview, material evaluation and benchmark analysis of battery components
  • Battery component development
  • Optimization of battery component manufacturing processes
  • Influences of battery components on battery production
  • Future technologies and materials of battery components
  • Sustainability consideration & circular economy
  • Reuse & recycling as well as testing & dismantling of EOL batteries

Research Projects


Test Stands and Technologies

  • Production line for half cells and full cells
  • Glove box
  • Table squeegee, disperser, various mixers
  • Cyclizer
  • Equipment for manual disassembly