Battery Components & Recycling


Battery Components at the Chair PEM

In the Battery Components group, the various components of the lithium-ion battery are further developed. This is done in a practical way by means of the associated battery cell production for test cells and large-format pouch cells. In various industrial and research projects, issues relating to the production and design of materials and other components are considered. The optimization of materials and components with regard to cell performance and costs is the main focus. The group focuses on the influences of new manufacturing technologies, approaches to increasing production efficiency and aspects of industrialization.



Christian Offermanns

Team Leader


+49 241 80 23025




  • Material and process efficiency in LIB production
  • Prototype production of lithium-ion battery cells
  • Cell performance studies
  • Planning of production lines in the area of component manufacturing



Test Stands and Technologies

  • Production line for half-cells and full-cells
  • Glove box
  • Table squeegee, disperser, various mixers
  • Battery cyclers