Battery Production Management


Manufacturing Tomorrow's Battery

Graphic of a modern battery factory Copyright: © Siemens

The "Battery Production Management" group deals with topics related to technologies for the production of batteries of the current and next generations. The spectrum here includes factory design and layout planning, support in the preparation of tender documents, the creation of concepts for quality and data management, and the development of innovative approaches to digitization and the "digital twin" in future battery production. The research group's central element is the CELLFAB located in the Electromobility Laboratory (eLab) of RWTH Aachen University a pilot line for the production of battery cells in pouch format, which covers the entire process chain of battery cell production. Here, researchers work in close cooperation with partners from industry on numerous issues related to battery production.


Your job with us

The research group offers graduates the opportunity to work as research assistants.



Daniel Neb

Group Leader


+49 160 4176577




  • Factory design and layout planning for battery production
  • Flexibility analysis and conversion corridors for flexible manufacturing processes
  • Support in the preparation of tender documents
  • Production monitoring and methodical start-up support
  • Quality and data management concepts
  • Tracking and tracing in battery production
  • Digitalization and "digital twin" in battery production
  • Operator qualification and training concepts

Research projects



Test Stands and Technologies

  • Illustration of the entire process chain for the manufacture of battery cells with a production line for lithium-ion pouch cells
  • Digital infrastructure for connecting the plants to a production database
  • Automated cell assembly in mini-environments
  • Inline EIS measurement in the electrolyte filling process
  • Module and pack assembly compartments
  • Remote laser welding cell