Student Assistants


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Become a student assistant at the RWTH Chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components and support us in our diverse research and industrial projects. Right from the start, you will be involved in organizational and specialist project management activities.

We welcome you to grasp this opportunity to get insights into different companies and industrial sectors and prepare yourself for entering your professional career. Your activities as a student assistant optimally prepare you for becoming a research assistant at our department after graduation.


Application Process

You can apply to one of our open positions, but you are also welcome to send an unsolicitaed application to our human resources developer. Please attach at least one recent academic record (taken from Campus Office) and/or relevant final transcripts as well as a short CV.


What Type of Person Are You?


You have a broad range of interests and seek an understanding of the “bigger picture.” It comes naturally to you to integrate a broad range of different topics. You enjoy the organization and planning of complex, multi-faceted tasks.

If this short description applies to you, apply with us as a “generalist” and support our team with your strengths in a broad field of activity.


You really enjoy diving deep into a particular topic and enjoy getting to the core of things. You consider yourself a specialist in your field and seek to further develop your grasp of the subject matter?

If so, please apply with us as a “specialist” and support our team with your expertise in exciting projects!