PEM Becomes a Member of the RWTH "Center for Circular Economy"


The Chair of Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components (PEM) of RWTH Aachen University has been accepted into the university's Center for Circular Economy (CCE) for its research on the circular economy. "One prerequisite for the success of electric mobility is that we reconcile economy and ecology," says PEM Director Professor Achim Kampker.


Projects for the efficient disassembly or re-use of old batteries

PEM is involved in several research projects at the RWTH center. In the DemoSens project, the chair is dedicated to the automated disassembly of used battery packs, which until now have had to be disassembled manually in a complex process. In the Model2Life project, on the other hand, PEM is investigating the influence of aging and service life on the performance and safety of battery packs for the time after their use in electric vehicles, while in the Fluxlicon project the researchers are looking into the design and development of stationary "second life" battery storage systems, whereby discarded traction batteries from various electric vehicles are combined to form municipal "power donor" systems.

CCE bundles RWTH know-how on circular economy

The Center for Circular Economy bundles the expertise of all RWTH Aachen University faculties on sustainable circular economy. It develops methods for process optimization in the three CCE core areas: sustainable product design during manufacturing, business models during product use, and material recovery during product recycling. The Center understands "circular economy" to mean the highest possible preservation of the value of goods by repurposing their use, by refurbishing, repairing, rebuilding or partial use after primary use. It also aims to develop products, goods, and materials in such a way that raw materials can be fed back into the production process as completely as possible while minimizing energy consumption. Together with research, industry, politics, and citizens, the CCE is developing new solutions for the circular value creation of the future.

Involvement in other RWTH centers, clusters, and profile areas

PEM is also represented in other centers, clusters, and profile areas of RWTH Aachen University, which brings together the work of numerous researchers from different disciplines and faculties to create the basis for significant innovations with the results of foundational and applied research. The following link provides more information on PEM's participation in the RWTH network.