"E-Mobility Week": PEM Notes High Need for Further Training in the Industry


The chair "Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components" (PEM) of RWTH Aachen University has simultaneously noted great progress by the industry as well as a high demand for education and further training in e-mobility production during its "Electromobility Week" in Aachen. "As companies become increasingly involved, the demand for skilled workers is rising enormously for all components – from fuel cell production to battery manufacturing," says Dr. Heiner Heimes, PEM's Executive Chief Engineer: "In the future, broad-based expertise for integrating the electric powertrain in commercial vehicles will also be of central importance."

  Numerous participants follow a presentation on electric vehicle production Copyright: © PEM RWTH Aachen University | Patrizia Cacciotti

Against this backdrop, more than 140 specialists and managers had attended the seminars during the "Electromobility Week" for further training on the various components of the electric drive, acquiring industry and research knowledge in the process. A particular focus this time was on digitalization in production, battery development and safety, and "repair," "re-use" and "recycling" for a future battery cycle economy. In addition, the permanent topics "Battery Production", "E-Motor Manufacturing" and "Fuel Cell Manufacturing" were on the agenda.

Sharing of expertise from plant engineers to users

In addition, numerous interested parties took advantage of the tenth edition of the renowned "Electromobile Production Days" (EPT) to learn about innovations and technologies from the industry in a practical way. With the symposium within the "Electromobility Week", the RWTH institution aims to enable industry from plant engineering to users to share specialist knowledge and expertise and promote technological progress. "The success of e-mobility production and the domestic manufacture of its components is closely linked to the know-how that companies are building up as soundly as they are rapidly," says PEM expert Dr. Heimes.

The "Week of Electric Mmobility" and the associated "Electromobile Production Days" recorded a total of more than 270 participants from business and science as well as more than 70 participating companies. Further information can be found here and here.