Press Release "AKPro I"


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Leitmotiv für das Projekt „Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung additiv gefertigter Batteriezellen“ am PEM der RWTH Aachen Copyright: © Shutterstock

"What could the process of flexible, reproducible prototype production for the pilot production of new cell technologies look like?"

Dr. Heiner Heimes addressed this question to the students at this year's introductory seminar of the course Applied Design and Product Development (AKPro) and then explained the status quo of battery cell production as well as the opportunities and challenges in the production of All-Solid-State-Batteries (ASSB).

In the CELLFAB of PEM of RWTH Aachen University, motivated students have the opportunity to develop a production process for the additive manufacturing of battery cells largely independently and under professional guidance, and thus to help shape the future of cell manufacturing. Within two semesters, first a cell design is to be defined and then a production process using additive manufacturing methods is to be developed. The aim of the project is the exemplary development of a manufacturing system in the eLab. In this way, students can apply the knowledge conveyed in lectures in practice and gain initial experience in development projects in an industry-oriented environment.

Due to the current corona situation, the course will be held digitally in the summer semester. We hope to be able to support the project work in the second semester in the eLab.

Text: Christian Stäck