Press Release 8th Electric Vehicle Production Day


In Aachen we are pioneers in electromobility for three reasons: We have an excellent university, there are two automobile manufacturers here who produce electric vehicles, and we have a city that is open to it, where we can put things on the road." Professor Achim Kampker, CEO of Streetscooter GmbH, is pleased about a successful 6th Electric Vehicle Production Day (EPT).

For over 200 participants from research and industry, this year's EPT provided a forum for exchange on the future of mobility and the associated changes in the value creation structure. In addition to scientific discussions, various presentations also triggered economic and political discussions: Topics such as "riskier investments in new technologies" or "the strategy of the British government to promote battery production in research and industry" provided detailed insights into various aspects of electromobility research.

During the parallel topic-specific sessions, participants had the opportunity to intensively deal with current research into the production of batteries and electric motors, agile production and the recycling of electric vehicles and their components. During the lunch break, an industrial exhibition took place for the first time this year. At more than 12 stands, the participants had the opportunity to inform themselves about the latest products for the production of electric vehicles and their components. Ralf Beckers of Digatron Power Electronic GmbH, one of the exhibitors, justified the fact that the industrial exhibition was fully booked right away with the fact that EPT represents the entire value-added chain in electric car production.

The event was rounded off with a plenary lecture by Gunnar Herrmann, Chairman of Ford's Cologne plant, and a contribution by Enrique Zambrano on the Mexican start-up Incubator MLab. While Ford relies primarily on its many years of experience with strategic decisions in the field of electric mobility, the Mexican automotive supplier Metalsa, with its MLab, is convinced that production and mobility will in future be shaped by courageous start-ups with visionary ideas.

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