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Welcome to our overview "PEM in the media". Here we collect selected publications of different press and media organs on various PEM topics: news, reports, and interviews in newspapers, magazines, specialized media, podcast portals as well as radio and TV stations.

Date Subject/Title Source PEM protagonist
09/23/2022 Public transport: Fuel cell as range extender (German) ZfK – Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft Sebastian Biegler; Julius Hausmann
09/23/2022 "H2Bus" and "H2Revier": PEM researches fuel cell bus and hydrogen economy (German) Sebastian Biegler; Julius Hausmann
09/08/2022 Battery Production for EVs: Europe Turns Away from Asia and Relies on its Own Sites (German) RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) -/-
09/07/2022 Battery Production in Europe (German) WeLT -/-
08/30/2022 PEM Wants to Put Trucks with Pantographs on the Highways (German) 100,5 – Das Hitradio Heiner Heimes
08/18/2022 ‘Nearly all’ lithium battery gigafactory projects in Europe face delays Energy Storage News Heiner Heimes
08/11/2022 Focussing on activities of European companies:
PEM presents Battery Atlas 2022
Industrieanzeiger Heiner Heimes
08/09/2022 Battery Atlas 2022: Europe-Wide Battery Activities at a Glance (German) Heiner Heimes
08/09/2022 Pantograph and fuel cell: "We need everything we have to meet the climate goals" (German) Edison Achim Kampker
08/08/2022 PEM of RWTH Aachen University Bundles Market Activities in "Battery Atlas" (German) HANSER automotive Heiner Heimes
07/22/2022 "LiVe": PEM's E-Truck Prototype Masters Test Track Near Berlin (German) Automobilindustrie Achim Kampker
07/07/2022 PEM research project to make fuel cell production suitable for industry (German) Industrieanzeiger Achim Kampker
07/05/2022 PEM Supports Daimler Truck's InnoLab Battery (German) Heiner Heimes
07/01/2022 PEM and Daimler Truck Establish Pilot Production for Li-Ion Battery Cells (German) Heiner Heimes
06/30/2022 Daimler Truck and PEM cooperate on "InnoLab Battery" (German) Heiner Heimes
06/27/2022 Increasing the efficiency of battery systems: PEM and partners launch "PEAk-Bat" project (German) HANSER automotive Konstantin Sasse
06/08/2022 TÜV and PEM open test lab for electric vehicle batteries (German) Achim Kampker
05/12/2022 PEM and LKQ: Repair and remanufacturing are preferable to recycling (German) Springer Professional Achim Kampker
05/09/2022 Study by PEM and LKQ: "Battery returns will increase by 30 percent per year" (German) amz – Die Aftermarketzeitschrift Achim Kampker
04/12/2022 Battery cells for electric cars: Europe builds up huge production capacities (German) heise online Heiner Heimes
12/23/2021 PEM tests all-electric truck prototype with pantograph (German) Achim Kampker
12/18/2021 BMW Warns of Battery Glut: Researcher Waves off and Advises More Investment (German) Heiner Heimes
12/15/2021 Battery production in Europe: "When to invest if not now?" (German) Heiner Heimes
10/29/2021 Battery Monitor 2021: Battery cell production is crucial for competitiveness (German) Industrieanzeiger Heiner Heimes

Dr. Heiner Heimes on Europe and battery cell production (German)

Heiner Heimes

09/21/2021 Now German companies are getting into battery recycling (German) WirtschaftsWoche Kim Kreisköther
09/15/2021 Battery Recycling: Interview with Kim Kreisköther ACCURE Battery Intelligence/YouTube Kim Kreisköther
08/25/2021 Fire: How safe are electric cars? (German)
(Video available until 08/25/2022)
ARD plusminus

Konstantin Sasse

08/23/2021 Moove - The New Mobility Podcast: Battery recycling is still in its infancy (German) auto motor und sport

Kim Kreisköther

06/18/2021 TÜV Rheinland E-Talk: State of electric mobility (German) YouTube Achim Kampker
05/07/2021 PEM and Ford collaborate on HaPiPro2 e-motor research project (German) Kölner Stadtanzeiger Achim Kampker