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Welcome to our overview "PEM in the media". Here we collect selected publications of different press and media organs on various PEM topics: news, reports, and interviews in newspapers, magazines, specialized media, podcast portals as well as radio and TV stations.

Date Subject/Title Source PEM protagonist
11/03/2023 Battery Module and Pack: PEM and VDMA Publish New Production Guidelines (German) Industrieanzeiger Heiner Heimes
10/20/2023 Electric Mobility: How Automated Recycling of Batteries Works (German) Valentin Mussehl; Timon Elliger
10/02/2023 The Freighter and the E-Car: "Judgment Way Too Early" (German) Zukunft Deutschland; Handelsblatt Achim Kampker; Heiner Heimes
09/30/2023 Battery of the Future: NRW Researches Sodium-Ion Batteries (German) (@20:42) WDR Aktuelle Stunde Heiner Heimes
08/28/2023 Energizing (German) ADAC MotorWelt Achim Kampker
08/21/2023 Safe Electric Vehicle Batteries: Researchers Compile Solutions (German) Achim Kampker
08/21/2023 Fire Risk Much Greater With Combustion Engine Than With Electric Vehicle (German) Edison Achim Kampker
08/17/2023 Economy: Recycling of Electric Vehicle Batteries (German) ARD Morgenmagazin Achim Kampker
08/16/2023 Study: This is How Soon Battery Recycling Will Be Profitable (German) Automobilwoche Achim Kampker
08/16/2023 Battery Recycling: Expensive at First, Profitable Thereafter (German) Süddeutsche Zeitung Achim Kampker
08/16/2023 Electric Vehicles: Battery Recycling Offers Business Opportunities (German) Achim Kampker
08/16/2023 According to New Study: Battery Recycling Will Soon be Profitable (German) DER SPIEGEL Achim Kampker
08/16/2023 Battery Recycling Becomes Profitable (German) manager magazin Achim Kampker
08/16/2023 Study: Battery Recycling Becomes Profitable (German) Handelsblatt Achim Kampker
07/04/2023 Pantograph: RWTH Aachen University Develops Construction Kit for Conventional Trucks (German) heise online Achim Kampker;
Fabian Schmitt
07/04/2023 RWTH Aachen University Demonstrates Practicality of E-Trucks with Pantograph (German) Achim Kampker;
Fabian Schmitt
07/04/2023 Retrofitting Pantographs on Trucks (German) Automobilindustrie Achim Kampker;
Fabian Schmitt
07/03/2023 RWTH Aachen University Welcomes PEM to the "Center for Circular Economy" (German) Industrieanzeiger Achim Kampker
07/03/2023 PEM Aachen Concludes "LiVePLuS" Project (German) Achim Kampker;
Fabian Schmitt
06/29/2023 Long-Distance Transport and Battery: PEM Launches Digitization Projects (German) Industrieanzeiger Achim Kampker
06/23/2023 3½ Questions for Prof. Dr. Heiner Heimes (German) DIE ZEIT Heiner Heimes
05/31/2023 E-Mobility Market Study: Six Trends in Battery Cell Production (German) Industrieanzeiger Christian Offermanns
05/16/2023 Can the World Make an Electric Car Battery Without China? The New York Times Heiner Heimes
05/07/2023 Scientific Research: Cheaper Electric Cars Through Big Data (German) Automobilwoche Achim Kampker
05/05/2023 Batteries for Electric Cars – Changing Instead of Charging (German) Achim Kampker
04/26/2023 RWTH Aachen Supports Battery Industry in Indonesia (German) Achim Kampker
04/25/2023 Establishing the Battery and E-Mobility Market: PEM Expands Electric Mobility in Indonesia (German) Industrieanzeiger Achim Kampker
The Engineer Who Wants to Save the World (German) Welt/Welt am Sonntag Achim Kampker
03/14/2023 Researchers at RWTH Aachen University Develop New Joining Technologies for Hairpin Stators (German) Industrieanzeiger Achim Kampker
03/10/2023 Research Progress in the Construction of Hairpin Stators (German) Achim Kampker
03/07/2023 PEM's Prof. Kampker on Opportunities and Challenges of the Mobility Change (German) Industrieanzeiger Achim Kampker
03/02/2023 Project Team Tests Fuel Cell Range Extender as Retrofit Solution (German) Achim Kampker
03/02/2023 Project "H2Kit": PEM Researches Electric Drives
for Refrigerated Trucks
(German) Achim Kampker
02/28/2023 PEM and VDMA Update Battery Manufacturing Guides (German) Industrieanzeiger -/-
02/24/2023 Lithium-Ion and All-Solid-State Batteries: PEM Publishes New Production Guides (German) -/-
02/24/2023 Battery Factories: Europe and USA in the Race for a Market Worth Billions of Euros (German) Handelsblatt Heiner Heimes
02/14/2023 Commercial Vehicles: Still a Lot to Do Before Emission Turnaround (German) motor traffic -/-
02/14/2023 Research on Data-Based Eletric Vehicle Production (German) Achim Kampker
02/14/2023 Electric Vehicle Production: PEM Wants to Increase Data Competence (German) Achim Kampker
02/03/2023 Commercial Vehicle Sector: CO2 Reduction Solutions (German) Achim Kampker
02/01/2023 Thanks for the Recharge, GINI! (German) Wirtschaftliche Nachrichten der IHK Aachen Jonathan Gerz
01/26/2023 The Three Main Drivers for Lithium-Ion Batteries (German) Automobilindustrie Gerrit Bockey; Nikolaus Lackner
01/24/2023 The Electrified Future of Road Freight Transport (German) MM Logistik Simon Dünnwald;
Konstantin Sasse

Germany's Gigafactorys (German)

Charged – the Battery Podcast Heiner Heimes
12/13/2022 "We Manage a 90 Percent Recycling Rate" (German) Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Achim Kampker
12/06/2022 Chinese Battery Makers Set to Dominate Europe’s Car Industry Financial Times Heiner Heimes
11/22/2022 PEM Seeks Partners for Follow-Up Projects on Efficient Battery Recycling (German) Industrieanzeiger Natalia Soldan
11/11/2022 PEM Publishes Electric Motor Production Guide (German) Industrieanzeiger Benjamin Dorn
11/10/2022 Battery Market: Efficiency and Sustainability Are the Most Important Trends (German) Heiner Heimes
11/10/2022 Battery Market: Efficiency and Sustainability Are the Most Important Trends (German) Process Heiner Heimes
11/09/2022 Battery Market: Efficiency and Sustainability Are the Most Important Trends (German) Heiner Heimes
11/09/2022 Battery Market Study: Efficiency and Sustainability are the Most Important Trends (German) Heiner Heimes
11/07/2022 Britishvolt in Trouble: Can Europe Keep Up With Asia When it Comes to Batteries? (Dutch) Heiner Heimes
11/07/2022 E-Mobility Week: PEM Notes High Need for Further Training in Industry (German) Industrieanzeiger Heiner Heimes
11/01/2022 RWTH Researchers Bring Battery and Hydrogen to Trucks (German) Elektromobilproduktion Achim Kampker;
Fabian Schmitt
11/01/2022 PEM Presents Fuel Cell-Capable Heavy-Duty Electric Truck (German) Achim Kampker;
Fabian Schmitt
11/01/2022 RWTH Aachen Demonstrates E-Truck With Fuel Cell Range Extender (German) Achim Kampker;
Fabian Schmitt
10/31/2022 Truck Powertrain of the Future: RWTH Aachen University Combines Battery and Hydrogen (German) Welt Achim Kampker;
Fabian Schmitt
10/31/2022 RWTH Aachen Demonstrates E-Truck With Fuel Cell Range Extender (German)

Achim Kampker;
Fabian Schmitt

10/28/2022 RWTH Researchers Build E-Truck Prototype With 1,000 km Range (German) Antenne AC

Achim Kampker;
Fabian Schmitt

10/27/2022 "The Day": Battery Empty? Where Do We Stand With Electric Mobility? (German) Hessischer Rundfunk (hr-iNFO) Achim Kampker
10/24/2022 "Electric Mobility Week" in Aachen Celebrates Anniversary Industrieanzeiger Heiner Heimes
10/17/2022 Ford & RWTH Aachen to Advance Electric Motor Manufacturing Achim Kampker
10/17/2022 PEM Opens E-Motor Research Site with Ford (German) Industrieanzeiger Achim Kampker
10/17/2022 Ford in Cologne and PEM Work on Innovative E-Motor Project (German) Kölnische Rundschau Achim Kampker
10/17/2022 PEM and Ford Conduct Joint Research on Electric Motors (German) HANSER automotive Achim Kampker
10/17/2022 PEM Conducts Research on E-Motors in Cologne (German) ener|gate messenger Achim Kampker
10/17/2022 PEM Opens E-Motor Research Laboratory in Cologne (German) Achim Kampker
10/06/2022 "The Coming Years are Crucial for Europe as a Business Location" (German) THE smarter E Europe Heiner Heimes
09/23/2022 Public Transport: Fuel Cell as Range Extender (German) ZfK – Zeitung für kommunale Wirtschaft Sebastian Biegler; Julius Hausmann
09/23/2022 "H2Bus" and "H2Revier": PEM Researches Fuel Cell Bus and Hydrogen Economy (German) Sebastian Biegler; Julius Hausmann
09/08/2022 Battery Production for EVs: Europe Turns Away from Asia and Relies on its Own Sites (German) RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) -/-
09/07/2022 Battery Production in Europe (German) Welt -/-
08/30/2022 PEM Wants to Put Trucks with Pantographs on the Highways (German) 100,5 – Das Hitradio Heiner Heimes
08/18/2022 ‘Nearly All’ Lithium Battery Gigafactory Projects in Europe Face Delays Energy Storage News Heiner Heimes
08/11/2022 Focussing on Activities of European Companies: PEM Presents Battery Atlas 2022 (German) Industrieanzeiger Heiner Heimes
08/09/2022 Battery Atlas 2022: Europe-Wide Battery Activities at a Glance (German) Heiner Heimes
08/09/2022 Pantograph and Fuel Cell: "We Need Everything We Have to Meet The Climate Goals" (German) Edison Achim Kampker
08/08/2022 PEM of RWTH Aachen University Bundles Market Activities in "Battery Atlas" (German) HANSER automotive Heiner Heimes
07/22/2022 "LiVe": PEM's E-Truck Prototype Masters Test Track Near Berlin (German) Automobilindustrie Achim Kampker
07/07/2022 PEM Research Project to Make Fuel Cell Production Suitable for Industry (German) Industrieanzeiger Achim Kampker
07/05/2022 PEM Supports Daimler Truck's InnoLab Battery (German) Heiner Heimes
07/01/2022 PEM and Daimler Truck Establish Pilot Production for Li-Ion Battery Cells (German) Heiner Heimes
06/30/2022 Daimler Truck and PEM Collaborate on "InnoLab Battery" (German) Heiner Heimes
06/27/2022 Increasing the Efficiency of Battery Systems: PEM and Partners Launch "PEAk-Bat" Project (German) HANSER automotive Konstantin Sasse
06/08/2022 TÜV and PEM Open Test Lab for Electric Vehicle Batteries (German) Achim Kampker
05/12/2022 PEM and LKQ: Repair and Remanufacturing are Preferable to Recycling (German) Springer Professional Achim Kampker
05/09/2022 Study by PEM and LKQ: "Battery Returns Will Increase by 30 Percent per Year" (German) amz – Die Aftermarketzeitschrift Achim Kampker
04/12/2022 Battery Cells for Electric Cars: Europe Builds up Huge Production Capacities (German) heise online Heiner Heimes
12/23/2021 PEM Tests All-Electric Truck Prototype with Pantograph (German) Achim Kampker
12/18/2021 BMW Warns of Battery Glut: Researcher Waves off and Advises More Investment (German) Heiner Heimes
12/15/2021 Battery Production in Europe: "When to Invest If Not Now?" (German) Heiner Heimes
10/29/2021 Battery Monitor 2021: Battery Cell Production is Crucial for Competitiveness (German) Industrieanzeiger Heiner Heimes

Dr. Heiner Heimes on Europe and Battery Cell Production (German)

Heiner Heimes

09/21/2021 Now German Companies are Getting Into Battery Recycling (German) WirtschaftsWoche Kim Kreisköther
09/15/2021 Battery Recycling: Interview with Kim Kreisköther ACCURE Battery Intelligence/YouTube Kim Kreisköther
08/25/2021 Fire: How Safe are Electric Cars? (German)
(Video available until 08/25/2022)
ARD plusminus

Konstantin Sasse

08/23/2021 Moove - The New Mobility Podcast: Battery Recycling is Still in its Infancy (German) auto motor und sport

Kim Kreisköther

06/18/2021 TÜV Rheinland E-Talk: State of Electric Mobility (German) YouTube Achim Kampker
05/07/2021 PEM and Ford Collaborate on HaPiPro2 E-Motor Research Project (German) Kölner Stadtanzeiger Achim Kampker
05/09/2019 Batteries are crucial to the future of the auto industry – but almost all of them come from Asia. German researchers and companies want to change that (German) stern

Heiner Heimes; Marc Locke