Moving ahead: Career at PEM

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The chair "Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components" (PEM) of RWTH Aachen University researches and advises on forward-looking issues in electric mobility and is one of Europe's market- and opinion-leading institutes in this sector. With more than 100 employees, PEM aims to develop today's brightest minds into tomorrow's leaders.


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Felix Blasum



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In the research groups

Battery Components & Recycling,
Battery Engineering & Safety,
Battery Production Management,
Battery Production Technologies,
E-Mobility Production Engineering,
Electric Drive Production,
Fuel Cell: Production Technology and Organization, and

the RWTH chair is continuously developing the production processes of the electric drive train and its components. In doing so, the team can rely on a network of partners in research and industry, ranging from local mechanical engineering companies to internationally operating DAX corporations. For its own innovations, PEM in Aachen has access to a wide-ranging infrastructure along the entire value chain of electric vehicle production.

Doctorate at PEM

A doctorate at the PEM chair offers first-class opportunities for personal and professional development and thus marks an excellent starting point for a later career in research or industry. Members of the PEM team assume responsibility within various industry and research projects from the very beginning – ranging from acquisition to management to complete implementation. This not only creates expertise in project management, but also offers the opportunity to learn how to best manage employees. Furthermore, the ability to work on scientific issues is perfected by working in teaching in the broad subject area of electromobility.

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