Development of a Value-added Strategy for Innovative Vehicle Concepts in NRW

Development and evaluation of a strategy for value creation Copyright: © PEM RWTH Aachen

Motivation and Procedure

After 125 years of development evolution in the conventional power train the automotive industry is facing a crossroads. There is a need for innovative vehicles which are able to fulfill the mobility needs of society today and in the future. But the enormous cost pressure and the small series at the beginning are obstacles and challenges in the production and progress. Moreover, the concept of automotive development and production of the OEM is not transferable to modified conditions. A new concept for innovative automotive development and production is being promoted that allows small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to make their new drive technologies and new vehicles ready for series production while keeping the investments low and working with a large number of partner companies who concentrate on their own core competences.


Research Objectives

The research group StrInnoCar develops a common value creation strategy for small and middle-sized enterprises, which enables the development and production of vehicles in small series in a network. For this reason relevant market and resource requirements for vehicle components are investigated concentrating on the topics of production methods, costs and number of production units. On the basis of different market scenarios value creation scenarios are derived to describe possible structures of series production. The main aim is to create general economies of scale, the reduction of product variation, and the definition of an overall optimized process chain.


Research areas

  • Value creation strategy in the context of cooperative strategies and dual strategies
  • Productions methods of vehicles depending on the number of units
  • Ratio based evaluation method
  • Transparent cost comparison of different production methods with the software Facton

Research partners

  • RWTH Aachen University
  • Werkzeugmaschinenlabor (WZL)
  • FH Aachen
  • Hochschule Bochum
  • Institut für Elektromobilität
  • CP Autosport GmbH
  • StreetScooter GmbH