Workshop series "Value Creation of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen for the Rhenish Mining Region"


Within the framework of the federal model project "Unternehmen Revier" the PEM conducts the workshop series "Value creation of fuel cell and hydrogen for the Rhenish mining area". The target group are mainly SMEs and MSMEs from the Rhenish mining area, to whom the workshop will present the topics of hydrogen production and infrastructure as well as fuel cells in the energy and mobility sector. The focus is on the applicability of parts of the fuel cell value chain in the participating companies. A total of four workshops will be offered, which will be held at different locations in the Rhenish mining area. In addition to the design and implementation of the content, the PEM is also responsible for the application and organisation of the workshops.


The aim of the workshop series "Value Creation of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen" is the transfer of knowledge between research and small and medium-sized companies. All interested companies located in the Rhenish mining area can participate in this workshop series, which was developed and carried out by the PEM of RWTH Aachen University.
According to the compromise of the coal commission, the phase-out of lignite in Germany will be completed by 2038 at the latest. Many companies will not be able to generate lignite sales for many years before the end, which could endanger jobs.

The Rhenish mining area is home to many small and medium-sized enterprises whose technical know-how can help to transfer an entire region into a new, forward-looking thematic environment. The potential of the fuel cell sector can be used by the Rhenish mining region to gain the interest of other investors as a pioneer on a supra-regional level. Only the totality of all processes, the examination of new technologies, the cooperation with research and universities, the restructuring of business models, the creation of new future-oriented jobs and the promotion of the region will lead to the Rhenish mining district becoming a new location for energy and mobility.

Further information can be found in our flyer.


05/01/2020 through 04/30/2021

Project sponsor

- Future Agency Rhineland Territory


- BMWi
- Model project "Unternehmen Revier"