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KSI: Improvement of the bicycle traffic infrastructure, mobility stations with rental systems for the Melaten campus in Aachen

Motivation and procedure

According to a survey conducted by the city of Aachen in 2009, mobile private transport accounts for 70% of the Melaten campus. The number of employees is massively increasing due to the campus expansion. It is already becoming apparent that neither the bus network nor the parking facilities can provide sufficient capacity. RWTH University's parking management aims to reduce the number of cars on campuses. However, the massive expansion of the Melaten campus will exacerbate the problem. A further increase in the number of cars is not desirable due to the noise and environmental pollution.

In order to maintain the attractiveness of the new research campus, there is an urgent need for additional mobility offers that are easily accessible, flexible, sustainable and affordable. As an institute that is close to industry and has a high level of third-party funding, we have a great interest in this in order to increase our attractiveness as an employer and research partner.

Research objectives

Within the framework of the project "KSI: Improvement of the bicycle traffic infrastructure, mobility stations with rental systems for the Melaten campus in Aachen", five mobility stations are to be distributed on the campus and the surrounding area in such a way that they offer a comprehensive supply of mobility services. The focus here is on a pedelec rental system such as will also be implemented in Aachen's city centre. Furthermore, the existing car sharing offer will be extended by the mobility stations, so that the new pedelec stations can fulfil a feeder function. The mobility stations will also be connected to existing or planned bus stops. With the help of a survey, the effectiveness of the expansion of the infrastructure to include pedelec stations for private transport will also be examined during the course of the project in order to check whether the objectives of more environmentally friendly mobility have been achieved.

Research and project partner

  • Velocity Aachen GmbH, Aachen

Funding code



Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety

Project sponsor

Project Management Jülich (PtJ) │ Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH