Past Research Projects


Listing of former research projects

3F: Driverless and fault-tolerant vehicle systems for the low-speed range

A4BLUE: Adaptive automation in assembly to increase employee satisfaction in a dynamic environment

A&P Leichtbau: Production planning of lightweight components

ACM II eTaxi: Emission-free overall system for cities

AIM: Additive Injection Molds

Alibatt: Development, characterization and qualification of a novel energy storage device

BatteReMan: Remanufacturing of lithium-ion batteries

BrennWertH2: Workshop series "Value Creation of Fuel Cells and Hydrogen for the Rhenish Mining Region"

Cell-Fi: Evaluation of separator materials with regard to manageability and processability in the manufacturing process

cyberKMU²: Cyber-physical systems from small and medium-sized enterprises for small and medium-sized enterprises

Effi.CoM: Efficient optical, thermal and acoustic coating monitoring in advanced production process

eProduction: Production research on high-voltage storage systems for electromobility

ExLaLiB: Extrusion and laser drying technology in the manufacturing process of electrodes

FAB4LIB: Research into measures to increase material and process efficiency in lithium-ion battery cell production across the entire value chain

Hit-Cell: Development of a temperature-stable lithium-ion cell

InTreS: Innovative carrier materials for optimizing the current conductors of electrical storage systems

IPANEMA: Innovative test methods combined with a machine learning concept for hairpin stator production

KERME: Scalable and modular powertrain for electric vehicles Cost-effective electromobility through resource-efficient and modularly designed electric motors

KMU Production.NET: Medium-sized component and electric vehicle production in North Rhine-Westphalia

LaKoBat: Development of a consistent load carrier concept in battery production

LoCoMo: Invest-minimal and highly efficient electric vehicle assembly

MEET Hi-EnD II: Cell component development for high-energy lithium cells

MoVe Melaten: KSI: Improvement of cycling infrastructure, mobility stations with rental systems for the Melaten campus in Aachen

OptiZellForm: Influences of parameter variation during forming and ripening as well as validation on the basis of a converted forming plant

ProLiBat: Design of a consistent production structure for the manufacture of lithium-ion battery cells by integrating the individual, independent production technologies into a standardized overall process

ProSerie: From prototype to mass – Intelligent resources for lowering industrialization barriers

QuasiBat II: Quality assurance in the production of lithium-ion batteries

StarTest: Standardized test procedures for the approval and test procedures for the production of batteries for electric vehicles for the Chinese as well as the German market

StrInnoCar: Development of a value creation strategy for innovative vehicle concepts in North Rhine-Westphalia