Research projects



BatterI4.0: Guide to the digitalization of battery cell production

Cell-Fill: Process-structure-property relationship for filling and wetting processes of large-size lithium-ion batteries

DAFODIL: Data-based manufacturing optimization of battery cells based on end-of-line data through massive use of machine-learning algorithms and inline analytics

DataBatt: Integration of horizontal data structures in battery production

DemoSens: Disassembly and sensor-based mechanical processing of lithium-ion batteries for high-quality recycling

FluxLiCon: Intelligent and flexible system for the use of any second-life batteries in the municipal charging infrastructure

FoFeBat2: Development, assembly and finalization of the prismatic hardcase and pouch cell

FormEL: Determination of process-quality relationships of the formation and end-of-line test for function-integrated overall process optimization

IDEEL: Implementation of Laser Drying Processes for Economical & Ecological Lithium-Ion Battery Production

InForm: Development of intelligent forming systems for optimization and diagnosis of cell properties

InnoCase: Innovative housing concepts for large-format lithium-ion batteries

KritBatt: Inline classification of coating defects to determine criticality in electrode manufacturing

LaserScale: Scaled laser structuring and drying of lithium-ion batteries to increase performance

Model2Life: Model-based system design for 2nd-life use scenarios of mobile battery test systems

OptiKeraLyt: Material and production process optimization for lithium-ion batteries with ceramic solid state electrolytes

OptiPro: Optimized cell finalization through innovative plant technology and parameter-based evaluation of process and quality parameters in the virtual production system

SimBAS: Simulation of battery cells and applications in storage systems

Electric motor

anfaHair: Initial strength joining in hairpin technology

HaPiPro2: Product and production concepts for the variant-flexible hairpin stator production

IPANEMA: Innovative test methods combined with a machine learning concept for hairpin stator production

Fuel cell

FCPP: Fuel Cell Performance Production

HyInnoCells: Flexible production of electrochemical cells


Truck electrification

LiVe: Reduction of lifecycle costs in electrical distribution traffic through individually adaptable drive train

LiVePLuS: Life cycle cost reduction in electric distribution transport through pantograph-based modular systems for trucks and tractor units

SeLv: Heavy-duty trucks for zero-emission logistics in heavy-duty transport using electrification modules and an economical production system