Applied Design and Product Development (AKPro)



Concept sketch vehicle Copyright: PEM Motion GmbH

Smiled at just a few years ago, the electrification of mobility is continuing steadily. On the one hand, this is based on the integration of electric drive trains into existing vehicle concepts, as well as on the development of holistic new mobility concepts. This implies an increasing demand for application-oriented solutions.

"AKPro" provides students the content of design methodology and project management in block lectures at the beginning of the semester. Afterwards, students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge gained in projects in practice. At the PEM, students have the task of developing electric vehicle products largely independently and under professional guidance. The project tasks consist of current issues of start-up companies in the electric mobility industry and offer the students a direct insight into this industry.

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  • Requirements and conception
  • Chassis design
  • Dimensioning of electric drive train
  • Validation on the prototype

Information regarding course

Information regarding course Copyright: PEM