Production of Electric Storage Systems (HEE)

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Global competition, wide-ranging production program and frequent discontinuities are the new challenges for manufacturing companies, which need to be considered when planning new production plants. In addition to the classical planning in resources, layout and logistics, nowadays these also include the definition of their own scope of value, the choice of a suitable location for production, the conception of production systems and the use of appropriate planning tools.



  • Application of energy storage devices
  • Overview of electrochemical energy storage systems
  • Introduction to the functioning of energy storage systems
  • Electrode manufacturing
  • Cell production
  • Forming and maturation
  • Module and packing production
  • Quality assurance
  • Battery safety
  • Production planning of a battery production
  • Value creation structures
  • Recycling of Li-Ion battery systems


Hendrik Löbberding


Hendrik Löbberding