Electric Drives Production (PEA)


A Brief Introduction

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In the context of electromobility, electric drives are one of the main components of vehicles. As electromechanical converters, such drives are used in all electrified vehicles – from hybrid to purely battery-electric to fuel cell vehicles. Every summer term, the lecture "Production of Electric Drives" (PEA) provides an insight into the value chain of electric motors as well as the adjacent components (power electronics and transmissions). Starting with an understanding of how electric machines work and how to design them for production, the course addresses the manufacture of subcomponents through to the assembly of the complete electric motor. This also includes overarching topics such as economic considerations, quality assurance and assembly planning.

Compact information about the course of the 2022 summer semester is available for download here. In addition, official instructions for the necessary curriculum change are available online. Current dates and further information can be found at the RWTHonline system.



  • Introduction: Challenges in electric motor production
  • Basics of electrical machines
  • Material production (magnets, electrical sheet, enamelled wire)
  • Bundle production
  • Rotor production
  • Stator production
  • Basics of winding technology
  • Assembly processes and final assembly of electric drives
  • Testing processes and quality assurance
  • Production and integration of power electronics and gears
  • Scalability in electric motor production
  • Efficiency in electric motor production



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