Electric Drives and Storage Systems (EDSS)


A Brief Introduction

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The course "Electric Drives and Storage Systems" of the summer semester 2022 is offered across institutes by the teaching and research area "Mechatronics in Mobile Drives" (MMP) and the chair "Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components" (PEM). The lectures are held in English by Professor Jakob Andert (MMP) and Professor Achim Kampker (PEM).

Method of teaching/learning

  • Lecture-style teaching
  • Weekly lecture of 90 minutes and calculation exercise of 45 minutes
  • Contents are provided digitally
  • Question and consultation hours by appointment and shortly before the exam

Compact information about the course of the 2022 summer semester is available for download here. In addition, official instructions for the necessary curriculum change are available online. Current dates and further information can be found at the RWTHonline system.



  • Electrical machines: Fundamentals in electromagnetics and DC machine, Components of electrical machines, Fundamentals in AC machines, Machine topologies, Value chain of electric motors, Sustainability in electric motor production
  • Storage systems: Basic functionality of batteries and supercapacitors, Characteristics and properties of batteries, Aging mechanisms & safety issues of batteries, Design of a battery system, Future battery trends, Production steps of a battery, Battery module and pack assembly
  • Cooling systems and thermal analysis Thermal dynamics of electrical machines, Heat transport mechanisms, Cooling concepts for electrical machines and power electronics, Comparison of different cooling concepts
  • Testing and validation: Test bench set up for electrical machines and drive trains, Sensor types and basic function principles
  • Hybrid fundamentals and electric vehicle production: Comparison of hybrid concepts, Product development process, Life cycle analysis
  • Recycling: Vehicle, Power electronics and battery recycling
  • Quality in production & Industry 4.0: Basics, Quality assurance along the production chain and industry 4.0



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