AKPro Lecture

The "Applied Design and Product Development" (AKPro) lecture provides valuable content on design methodology and project management. Subsequently, various projects with current issues of start-up companies in electric mobility offer the opportunity to apply the imparted knowledge in practice.

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CE Lecture

Race car on a track © Copyright: Ecurie Aix

Every summer term, the practical "Custom Engineering" (CE) lecture offers a holistic insight into how an idea can be transformed into a "business case" using this exact method and how an initial demonstrator can be built cost-effectively, in a short period of time, and tailored precisely to customer needs.

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EDSS Lecture

The "Electric Drives and Storage Systems" (EDSS) course is offered across institutes by the teaching and research area "Mechatronics in Mobile Drives" (MMP) and the chair "Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components" (PEM). The weekly 90-minute lectures will be held in English, accompanied by 45-minute calculation exercises.

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EMKP Lecture

New technologies, uncertain unit numbers and a changing distribution of value creation between OEMs and suppliers: The "Electric Vehicle Component Production" (EMKP) lecture provides deeper insights into the many different manufacturing structures of tomorrow's automotive production.

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HEE Lecture

The "Manufacturing of Electrical Energy Storage" (HEE) lecture is dedicated to the value chain of the lithium-ion battery. To this end, the production of the individual cell through to the assembly of the complete battery pack is highlighted. It also covers factory planning, quality assurance, and testing.

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PEA Lecture

Every summer term, the "Production of Electric Drives" (PEA) lecture provides various insights into the current value chain of electric motors and adjacent components like power electronics and gears. Economic efficiency, quality assurance, and assembly planning are also addressed in this course.

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The E-Mobility Lecture Series

The Office for E-Mobility (GSE) of RWTH Aachen University organizes The E-Mobility Lecture Series which discusses the current state of research and trends with numerous lectures from the university as well as the industry. The series is aimed at all interested parties and in particular at trainees from the automotive and electronics sectors.

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Studies and thesis on numerous subjects

PEM of RWTH Aachen University offers students the opportunity to write their final paper in the dynamic area of electric vehicle production. Students in the fields of mechanical engineering or electrical engineering as well as the corresponding industrial engineering studies may write their theses at the PEM chair.

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