Research projects

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The chair "Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components" (PEM) holds key positions in numerous research projects with national as well as international funding. PEM addresses several issues of high relevance for research and practice in the fields of battery, electric motor, fuel cell, truck electrification, and micro mobility.


Research Areas

PEM director Professor Achim Kampker standing on a research truck © Copyright: PEM RWTH Aachen University | Patrizia Cacciotti

The PEM chair develops pioneering products for the sustainable production of electrified powertrains. In the areas of "battery", "fuel cell" and "electric motor" as well as in the field of integration in commercial vehicles, PEM's researchers focus on cost-effective and innovative production processes.

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Research Network

World map showing PEM's network © Copyright: PEM RWTH Aachen

PEM operates in a strong network with partners from national and international research. The team continuously develops all of its research fields from the electric motor to the battery and from the fuel cell to truck electrification through globally active collaborations and consistent contacts that extend beyond them.

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E-Mobility Guides

Guides for the production of electric mobility components © Copyright: PEM RWTH Aachen University

On a regular basis, PEM composes numerous guides and other publications with practical information on the production of batteries, electric motors, and fuel cells. The various documents are free for download, directly related to the economy, and nonetheless useful also for other research institutions.

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Job Offers

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PEM of RWTH Aachen University offers students and graduates first-class opportunities for personal and professional development. The chair addresses student assistants and research assistants with numerous job advertisements from different areas. PEM aims to develop today's brightest minds into tomorrow's leaders.

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A stack of publications © Copyright: PEM RWTH Aachen

The chair "Production Engineering of E-Mobility Components" (PEM) of RWTH Aachen University regularly publishes scientific articles on all of its disciplines – from batteries and electric drives to fuel cells and vehicle integration. The publications are available for download on the internet or for loan in the library.

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E-Mobility Glossary

An open lexicon © Copyright: Unsplash | Joshua Hoehne

The production of electric mobility components extends into various technical areas – from the battery to the fuel cell, from the electric motor to micromobility. In order to keep track of the many technical terms, PEM has compiled the most frequently used terms in a glossary which is also available for download.

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PEM at RWTH Clusters

Main building and SuperC of RWTH Aachen University © Copyright: RWTH Aachen University | Peter Winandy

With its broad expertise in production research on electric mobility as well as in mobility and transport engineering, PEM is represented in several profile areas as well as clusters and centers of RWTH Aachen University, which represent the various interdisciplinary research fields of the entire university.

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PEM in the GSE Network

The GSE building © Copyright: PEM RWTH Aachen University

As a link between the faculties of electric engineering, mechanical engineering, and natural sciences, the Office for E-Mobility (GSE) of RWTH Aachen University is active in coordinating projects as well as in continuing education and in providing innovation and technology platforms. PEM is one of the participating institutes.

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