Kampker Innovation Chain

Schmatic representation of the Innovation Chain © Copyright: PEM RWTH Aachen University

The PEM chair is involved in an environment that covers basic research on electric mobility with all development steps up to large-scale production of corresponding components or entire vehicles. Thanks to the "Kampker Innovation Chain", the future mobility system is already being developed and tested today.

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Economy and Industry Network

World map showing PEM's network © Copyright: PEM RWTH Aachen University

The PEM chair operates in a strong network with national and international partners from economy and industry. Through globally active collaborations, the PEM team continuously develops all of its disciplines – from the electric motor to the battery, from the fuel cell to truck electrification and micromobility.

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Electric Vehicle Production Days (EPT)

Every year in October, the PEM chair in collaboration with "Campus Forum" invites to the renowned "Electric Vehicle Production Days" (EPT). At the event, several hundred participants from research and industry traditionally exchange ideas on the pressing issues in the broad field of electric vehicle production.

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E-Mobility Innovation Network

Entrepreneurs in conversation in front of a battery pack for electric vehicles © Copyright: RWTH International Academy

PEM's "E-Mobility Innovation Network" offers industrial companies a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange with experts from research. The active network of industry and science with events, workshops, and discussion forums is also intended to increase every member's public perception.

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Electric Mobility Guides

Guides for the production of electric mobility components © Copyright: PEM RWTH Aachen University

On a regular basis, PEM composes numerous guides and other publications with practical information on the production of batteries, electric motors, and fuel cells. The various documents are free for download. As those publications are directly related to the economy, they can be useful for industrial companies.

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Electric Mobility Glossary

An open lexicon © Copyright: Unsplash | Joshua Hoehne

The production of electric mobility components extends into various technical areas – from the battery to the fuel cell, from the electric motor to micromobility. In order to keep track of the many technical terms, PEM has compiled the most frequently used terms in a glossary which is also available for download.

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Project Methodologies for Business

An expert explains something with the help of a whiteboard © Copyright: PEM Motion

The PEM team uses various project methodologies to prepare companies for the electric mobility market in the best possible way and on an individual basis. These include the "Fit4E" method, which analyzes the core competencies and chances of small and medium-sized companies, highlighting their opportunities.

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