Electric Drive Production


Manufacturing the Electric Powertrain

Hairpin stator of an electric motor Copyright: © PEM RWTH Aachen University

The research group "Electric Drive Production" at the PEM chair contributes to the economic, variant-flexible, future-oriented and sustainable production of the electric drive and its active components (rotor and stator). The focus lies on the investigation of exciting questions along the entire value chain from the semi-finished product to the finished drive and from the individual process to the holistic consideration of cross-process interactions. In accordance with the PEM philosophy of the "Innovation Chain", the team works on new and innovative technologies, always keeping an eye on the path to industrial application and solution scaling. Practice-oriented research is carried out by the "Electric Drive Production" group at the Aachen and Cologne sites.


Your job with us

The research group offers graduates the opportunity to work as research assistants.



Henrik Born

Group Leader


+49 1514 2385704




  • Prototyping, process development and realization in the laboratory environment
  • Projection of laboratory results to requirements for series production
  • Parameter development in the context of feasibility studies and validation projects
  • Component and process benchmarking
  • Requirements management for plants and components
  • Production planning and production concept planning
  • Failure cause and interdependency analyses
  • Cost analysis and planning

Research projects



Test Stands and Technologies

  • CNC hairpin bending machine
  • Layer thickness measurement for copper flat wires
  • Fluorescence measurement for the control of component cleanliness
  • Needle winding machine for direct winding of stators with distributed windings
  • Prototype tools for prototyping (in-house developments)
  • Rotor assembly and magnetization
  • Balancer
  • Surge voltage test
  • Waterbath test
  • High-speed camera
  • Laser